In January 2020, Shiner Brewery brought back a limited number of their fan-favorite lager, Prickly Pear. These are the Instagram posts that kept the public informed (beginning with a teaser post, and continuing in the order in which they appeared).
shinerbeer: Spotted Outside Shiner, Texas. 
shinerbeer: Freshly-tapped and pricklier then ever.
This one's an Instagram story. Sound on.
shinerbeer: The Texas prickly pear cactus. It’s a true native of the southwest and our not-so-secret ingredient in the ever-popular, citrusy-sweet, organic Prickly Pear lager. Back now in 6 and 12-packs.
shinerbeer: Pick it while it’s ripe! Organic Prickly Pear 6 and 12-packs are back on the shelves (for now).
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CW: Benjy Joung
AD: Sam Langford
CD: Lynda Hodge, David Canright