We had a big campaign planned for The Oak Cliff Film Festival 2020, but two months before the event, the festival was cancelled due to COVID-19. Thankfully, the clients had a backup plan: "We're going to do something. Not a film festival, but something. "  So, while decisions were being made about what the not film festival was going to be, we made a video to let everybody know.
The tagline for the virtual Oak Cliff Film Festival 2020 was fairly intuitive:
Not The Oak Cliff Film Festival
The production for this trailer included a socially-distanced shoot and remote editing that exceeded the local COVID-19 safety guidelines. The only person not wearing a mask at all times was Colton, our melancholy thespian. 
2020 was a very special time. Naturally, it called for a very special poster.
We also created Zoom backgrounds featuring (somewhat manipulated) photos of Texas Theatre —the "home base" of Oak Cliff Film Festival— for the round-table and Q&A portions of the not festival. It was pretty darn cool to see such artists as Augustine Frizzel, David Lowery, Dawn Luebbe, Jocelyn DeBoer, Brett Whotcomb, and Sarah Adina Smith enjoying them.
Augustine Frizzel (Euphoria) and David Lowery (A Ghost Story, Green Knight)
Augustine Frizzel (Euphoria) and David Lowery (A Ghost Story, Green Knight)
Sarah Adina Smith (The Sirens)
Sarah Adina Smith (The Sirens)
Since news of the festival often passes by word-of-mouth, and word of mouth during these quarantimes is most often word-of-zoom, we made more zoom backgrounds available to attendees of the festival.  Now, you can have them too.
Special thanks to Adam Nee, Adam Littke, Andrew Shepherd, and Camp Lucky who helped bring this project to life — even in uncertain, unprecedented, now-more-than-ever times.

CW: Benjy Joung
AD: Nick Denman
CD: Brian Linder, Bill Cochran
Director: Adam Littke