Every college football season, Dr Pepper pays the tuition of a few very lucky applicants. With COVID-19 cancelling football and increasing the financial need for many students, this year was bigger than ever. We were tasked with telling students the news, getting them to apply, and encouraging their friends and family to nominate them. Through the power of videos, memes, and memorable copy, we achieved record-breaking numbers of applicants.
As you go through this stuff, try not to skim the post copy. It's kinda the point.
drpepper: We're giving away $2M in tuition. Apply now, and you could pay for college with Dr Pepper.
drpepper: Want up to $125,000 in tuition money? Course you do. You’d take $4 in ramen money.
drpepper: Want up to $125,000 in tuition money? Why are you still reading this? ...Seriously. Did you really feel the need to click “see more?” The first sentence pretty much covered it. Go apply. You can pay your tuition with Dr Pepper.
If you like it when music syncs up to image, sound on.
We made a countdown to the application deadline for our social channels. Click to make the photos (and post copy) bigger.
We also made some memes for organic social posts. Just to prove we were hip. Click to read the post copy. 
Applicants were directed to the below website. I wrote the words.
CW: Benjy Joung
AD: Kevin Yurasovich
CD: Andrew Harper, Kyle Kelley